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Default Re: Help me choose between TWO bikes!

Yeah but the fact that those bikes have gears, which I would have to just take off anyway, and they don't look nearly as great as something like the Huffy Nel Lusso or the Nassau.

I just don't want it to be just another thing that looks like I had a bike in my garage that I stuck a motor on. I really want it to be different, even have some kind of theme if you will.

Just a generic black Shwinn cruiser might be much better, but it really is not what I am looking for.

IF there are other bikes that are better than the Huffy, like those Shwinns, and have some cool look to them or something different then just a normal every day bike, then maybe I have just not looked hard enough.

I just want it to stand out and look very planned out in terms of style and whatnot.
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