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Default Re: eliminating vibration

The rubber engine mount blocks that you'll find on a few motorcycles and most cars are engineered by people with more degrees than I have.
Nevertheless, on my first bike I wanted to find out for myself. I admit to using a piece of BMX innertube between the engine and the frame. It didn't isolate much vibration. In fact, I began getting the impression that, at least with this particular bike, I was feeling more vibration than I should regardless of how I tightened things down. So I spent one night taking the engine all back out, planning the best mounting position, picked up a large-tube engine mount adapter from SBP, and mounted the engine more directly to the frame. This bike was a heavy, steel-framed Micargi Huntington. Without the rubber it vibrated much less - noticeably less.
My current bike, a mid/late '40s JC Higgins has the engine bolted metal-to-metal. Of course, the chain is as well-aligned as I could get it; all bearings are well-lubed; bolts and nuts are tightened down as much as necessary, the tires are kept at proper inflation; etc. I'm not getting a lot of vibration. I just don't think you need the rubber. Maybe padded biker gloves, if you find you need something.

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