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Default Re: rubber to insalate motor

Gear nut, not in any way you have been helpful as have been others, mapbike I am sorry to say did insult me in his ranting and such, and I believe there is no place for those type of replies, and should not happen, people need to think about what they are going to say first, then what another day if they are upset to think on it. That also apples to quoits to other people on the sly.
I know my ideas may not set right with people some times, but a what and see attitude should prevail. After all the comments have been said, it is my bike and motor and it is not costing anybody but me. I did listen to all advise but in the end it is my choice and no one else's, that why we live in this country
I have been looking into another insulator one used for shock mounting which is hard and not very flexible, but would have to be glued to the frame down tube to eliminate any movement. The mount has lips on both ends to stop any movement up or down. which is the main cause of breakage, the up and down movement of the engine on torque applications, further is is thick enough to dampen vibration. Also any materiel between the engine and frame would to some extent eliminate vibration other than metal to metal contact. IE exhaust to frame.
Cars use rubber washers between the frame and body for this reason.

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