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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

"mine fell out of the casing."


" a universal mount witch i did not get."

I'm sry...


Welcome to the world of the chinagirl motors!


Happy Times, indeed!

Gotta look at the brite side... ur gonna learn a lot!
We'll be glad to help you.

The chain tensioners are a liability.
What they basically do is get pulled into the spokes.

My recent used motorized bicycle had a combination wrench clamped in there to help it hold onto the chain stay!

I'm presently working on eliminating it. completely.

2 broken spokes...
Well, that is not good, and could very well be hazardous to your health.

<< I >> would clip 'em off with a wire cutters and make the trip home, cautiously, but that is not to say it is wise, or anything I would advise anyone to do.

I missed the kind of bike you have, but all spokes need attention, especially when new, and even more-so when power is applied to them.

Oh, unfortunately ur gonna have to remove the rag joint to repair the broken spokes...

Good luck
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