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Default Re: Can't match the Schwinn Point Beach????

here is the clear coat you need .Dupont A-7480S acryic trim and the best clear you can get in a spry can.spry on about 4 to 5 coats . it will look like glass.did you use a good primer coat. the black paint they use to paint the tanks is junk. put on a good primer then put a base coat of white or silver then barely put 1 coat of the red on when it is all dry you won,t be alble to smell it much .then put 4or5 coats of clear . first coat lightly then the last 2 or 3 put on heavy coats just were it,s about to run.even with clear coat you still have to be careful not to spill gas on it .it won,t lift but it will dull the clear coat .just quickly wipe it off . if it does dull it .just polish it out with wax . hope this helps
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