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Cool Re: rubber to insalate motor


I've gone back over all the post here and I don't see a single insult in any of them, all I see is people trying to be helpful and just give advise based on their personal experiences with mounting these engines on the bike frames, seems to me that the people who have just been trying to help someone avoid a headache are the ones being insulted with that accusation.

I'll say once again I do wish you the best of luck Donbia, but at the same time I'll also say that if the rubber or whatever is used is super thin between the engine and the frame that it's almost like there's nothing there, then it's very likely that's the results you will have as far as dampening any vibrations, it will be as if there is nothing there.

And by the way as long as I've been on here discussing things back and firth with the guys who have replied to this thread, I can tell you that none us them are fools........and you sir are being the foolish one with the rant against their experience and the fact that we were all just trying to give what we have found to be good advise based on that experience, we ain't all a bunch of never done nothings on here and many have the same background you claim and more.

We have opposing opinions on things here many times, but calling people fools because you think you can do what they weren't able too do reliably for the most part is ridiculous, how about instead of calling people names you just prove your point, mount it up and post the pics and actual results after a few hundred or a couple thousand miles, if you can do that then I'm sure many of us would want to congratulate you on your newly discovered remedy for the vibes many don't think much of with some of these engines.

Yes this forum is about people helping people to solve problem with there builds and share ideas, seems you are already '' boosting ''about something you have not proven to even work, and calling others foolish that have tried the thing you mentioned and they had failures.

I apologize for my rant here, and I know none of the other men here need someone going to there rescue and defending them, but this really struck a cord with me.

Donbia, I do hope you discover a very good useful way to tame the vibes while still bolting the engine directly to the bike frame, if you do I'm sure you'll get some praise for it.

Peace, Map
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