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Originally Posted by beach cruiser View Post
I thought so too when I saw it on-line...Then I recently "discovered" that people actually threw motor's on bicycles. If I knew then what I know now (which is very little) I would have went for a steel frame. But like i said I don't plan on extensive motoring. I will enjoy the tinkering tho. Thanks for the info regarding the relocation of the shifter!
Schwinn used to be a quality name before they were gobbled up by some Canidian (I think) conglomerate that also makes the other bikes Wally sells cheap like Huffy in China now.

You should not have a problem with installing the 4-stroke motor platform though. Whether or not the frame buckles at the front mount point if you hit a pothole at high speed or not is what remains to be seen.

Best of luck with it and be sure to post up some pics, we all like pics ;-}
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