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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by rustycase View Post
We'll be watching for results of the 'strongarm' test, GH !

Yah, this poor little cobbled together motorized bicycle really needs a bunch of everything, KC.
I had just recently heard abt spacing the motor forward to resolve chain slack, and I think I'm gonna try that method.
...but still gonna be running a rag joint... really need to spring for a hub adapter, but can't do the sensible things when bargain deals keep popping up! least I hope this new motorized bicycle turns out to be a bargain! lol
wOW THAT MOTOR LOOKS BRAND NEW UNLESS HE PAINTED IT & i DON'T THINK SO, IT LOOKS AS IF IT NEVER REALLY GOT THAT HOT dON'T THEY TEND TO CHANGE COLOR A BIT WHEN THEY GET REAL HOT ? Freaking caps Caps I hat that I didn't look up soon enough they need a "uncap button " in Windows So if your an id10T like me you can just highlight like copy / paste then click "Uncap" & it fixes it . Id use that option often!!
I'm not retyping all that either so deal with it LOL ..

It sure looks like a 66to me the 49's tend to have a shorter head/ bore stroke it seems to me don't they IDK ?
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