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Default eliminating vibration

I never intended to completely stop all of it, but only to make things a bet smother, possibly stop the buzz in the handle bars and such.
Any way other people on this site have done so as well and have not had any problems to this date.
I think it how it's done, not that it can't be done. In some of the cars on the race track, have solid mounts and chains tying the motor to the frame.
the rubber mounts are for the general public that only want to be in another world when they drive. and not for high performance, where braking mounts made of rubber is common.
That is way I am doing it the way I am, to look good, and not brake the mount bolts in the process.
the only way to find out if a idea will work is to try and try again.
But thanks for all the advice given, that what it is all about, no condemning, just encouragement and telling what they have encountered so one can make up there own mind in there quest to succeeded.
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