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Default Re: rubber to insalate motor

I do listen to what others have done and there mistakes, but also look to remedy them as well. I have built a lot of cars both street and modified, as well as motorcycles, this is how the winners win races, not stopping because someone said they tried that and it did not work. But trying it in a different way so it will work to there advantage.

The only fools are the ones that can't take someone fixing something they could not, then calling them names to make to make up for there loss of pride.

As before ideas are the way to invent, without them nothing would get fixed or invented, bully's that put them down are the roadblocks to the future.

I thought that was what this site was all about, sharing ideas, maybe I was wrong and it is just for people who think they know it all to boost about it and put down anyone that they think is a challenge to them.

I am 70 years old and have worked as a mechanic, machinist, in electronics, and a lot of other trades in my life time, amassing years of knowledge to share.

But maybe that's not wanted on this site.

Motor bikes is nothing new to me I have owned whizzer bikes before, the last one a sportsmen, back when a lot of people were still trying to walk. and before I owned a car, Harley's as well.

This type of bike with a kit is not new only where the parts are coming from.

I don't mean to insulted any one on this site, but on the other hand I don't take kindly to being insulted ether.

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