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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I just had my magneto out today, crimped the rivet on it tight-also had the cylinder out today and clean the carbon out of the cumbustion chamber-I hate cutting the shim gaskets out for that-the first one I cut I had to throw it out-the holes did not line up and man was I ever mad. -Almost broke one of the rings while puttin the piston back in.
Also had the carb off today and had to cut gasket for that one too. I end up throwing on a new carb so another gasket yet I had to cut.
Today, I also had my exhaust pipe and baffle off and I cleaned it out-and soaked it in gass . And had to cut yet another gasket for that out of shim material.
And then I threw in a new Champion plug.
It is now running real good!!!!.......once again. I'm putting this motor away for the summer soon anyway. Also cleaned out the exhaust port in my cylinder and cleaned the piston.

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