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Default Re: rubber to insalate motor

After some more thought about it, I am the type that, I don't go by theory, which is just that, not real world or what has been done before that has not worked.
especially when told something will not work. I will try to find a solution to make it work.
What I have seen on this site on what has been tried, rubber inter tubes, sheets of rubber etc. I can see why it has not worked, the motor will torque up and down under load, and with the things that have been tried I can see why the bolts broke. especially when bump starting.
First you need a rubber that is thin enough and stiff enough that will have very little movement but will dampen the vibration. further wrapping the down tube is not the way to do it, the mounts themselves need to have the rubber applied to them. the rubber also need's to adhere to the mounts and when tightened ad-hear to the frame, in this way the motor will not move enough to cause a problem. further you could if needed pin the mounts to frame, only if there is no other way, and if you make the hole in the frame small and use a punch to turn the metal over and down, then the frame tube will not split out.
So with that said this is the way I will install the motor on my bike, and after riding it for a while, and no problems I will get back to this site and let you know how I did.

A thought in time
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