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Default Re: rubber to insalate motor

Originally Posted by Donbia View Post
I have seen different people putting inter tubes between the motor and frame to isolate the vibration from the frame? looks shabby way of doing it. the tape is very neat way and looks good too.
Will this cause a problem electrically, if so why can't you just make the motor the ground as in cars. Otherwise what is the other reason's not to do this, I would think it would keep bolts and such less pron to loosen. Haven't mounted the engine yet and want to do right. Going to replace the studs as you said with grade 5.
I saw you have a kit for this for $9.00 would like to order it.
The motor is already grounded. That is how the spark plug sparks.

Personally I have rubber between my mounts.. Has worked out great for me. Using stock studs too. Maybe it's the type of rubber I used.. but I'd follow the advice of the members here. More often than not you'll have issues using rubber between the mounts. Oscillations will snap studs. If you put stronger studs in, it will snap the motor where they screw into it.
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