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Default Re: Ask a specific question

Originally Posted by deacon View Post

I have been thinking about this new bike building contest. I think I might do a mountain bike after all. If I do I could care less about the gears and stuff. So I'm thinking I'll toss the derailer or whatever its called. and go one speed. Just cut the chain down to length but, which of the rear gears will be the one inline with the crank best.
DON'T DO IT!!! Well at least don't lose the gearing!! A budy and I are soon to release a jack shaft setup with freewheel crank. So you will have full gear ranges. Imagine, starting off with just the clutch, going up big hills, dirt biking. Get rid of the spoke driving sprocket.

I will post images, and info soon. We will be selling the set up as a kit. Of course the most expensive part is the freewheel crank.
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