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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by msrfan View Post
Thanks happy. It's a Briggs with a stock carb and moped tank.
Nice filter chrome top!

I thought that unless you were joshing me the carb was to go without an airfilter on this bike.

The pleated paper filters are I think less restrictive than the foam so I know it should be a powerful bike with the big engine.

I got my Ebay used housing parts for a thin foam pre-filter and pleated paper filter for my Briggs carb that has no needle valve adjustments and was bogging down at full throttle. Now it runs perfect at idle and all range to full. I was toying with point gap but it seems that mixture and point gap can interact and I was getting it to run somewhat better by tinkering with point gap, but the less restrictive filter was the answer I found.

I might be guessing here, but I think some carbs without adjustment are meant to match with a specific filter and the foam type was actually for a Tecumseh carb which might have been leaner or had needle valve you could adjust. I skimped for the type without adjustment, but anyway with the right filter I am happy as I got this thing solved.

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