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Default Re: Hello... I'm chaddilac and I have a problem.

LOL! Well, TBH, you're kind of a nightmare to many experienced MaBers here. A new guy with a 212? Many here, myself included, are of the opinion that people are taking it overboard and may incur the wrath of the authorities. When $99 buys you a 99CC or a 212, many will take the 212. Not me, I'd take the 99, and that motor itself is quite excessive for bolting in a bicycle.

Many members might feel to help you would help bring down the very thing they love:
being able to ride a motor-assisted bicycle legally on the streets without having to add something else to look over their shoulder at.

You're pretty much gonna be building an illegal motorcycle. Not an motorized bicycle. Welcome to the forum, and yes you do have a problem
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