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Default Re: Throttle cable length..?

Well I looked and that seems to be some good looking stuff, only thing is I'm looking for a complete cable + sheath set up, don't want to make anything up, I need a prefab. throttle cable that will run the length of a tandem bike, theres got to be a source for that 114'' cable Thats Dax carries, he said it would be 1-2 months before he has anymore of them, but if I can't find a source for one I will have no choice but to make one up if the fella decides to have me install the FD kit on his bike.

Thanks Aleman

Peace, Map

Originally Posted by The_Aleman View Post
I have never built a FD or a tandem, but I know a bit about long cables. Apehangers and rear drums will make ya learn quick!

I recommend Jagwire's "slick" series. Sheldon approved. There's no better cable for the money, IMHO, and they're cheap at Amazon.
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