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Question Throttle cable length..?

I'll try to make a long story short here guys.....

I met a fella at a burger joint while out on a bike ride a couple days ago who really liked my Karaoke bike and is interested in possibly having me install one of Duanes friction drive setups on the rear of a tandem bike he has, I called over to Duanes and found that they're out of the longer throttle cables, I kinda figured I might need one of the 114'' cable he normally keeps but I'm not really sure what length I need for the tandem bike.

Has anyone set a FD up on a tandem and if so what throttle cable length should I try to find and does anyone else know of a source for the longer cables, I'm trying to stay away from as many mods as possible on this deal, I would like to have everything as prefab. as possible so I could get it done quick for him and for me being I don't have a lot of time to tinker right now.

Peace, Map
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