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Default Re: New guy, cruiser build bike questions

My all time favorite frames are cruisers, maybe because that's what I've grown up with. I've have had other frames, and built motorized bicycle on them. I had a thin steel frame and the down tube cracked in half. Aluminum isn't any better, in my opinion. Also the tubes crush too easily, so particular attention is needed.

So I stay away from them. You want a frame as close to a 75 degree "V", but you can work around that. Since the cruisers have a curved down tube, I find that a custom front mount is needed, as a engine out of the box won't last long. There are a number of options. Now the coaster brake, at first I had one but changed it for pad brakes, which is easy. Using the coaster set up.
HT with a coaster brake set up.

I recommend taking the sprocket and enlarging the axle hole, keeping the dust cap intact. Some cut the dust cap. Here is a video I made.
Whichever you decide to build, I know you will have a ball on it. To build one correctly, disregard the 2-3 hours they tell you that it can be built in.
Here are some recommendations I have for installing a China HT.
Looking for HT's parts?
HT pre instillation tips.
Engine running problems?
HT breakdown Photos

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