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Default Re: Transporting a motor bicycle - on its side...

Originally Posted by StealthInspired View Post
Hi guys,

Bear with me on this one - are there any issues with transporting a motor bicycle ON IT'S SIDE, say in the back of a car/truck? Suppose this would be the same for a regular motorbike too!

I'm thinking along the lines of liquids (fuel / oil) being able to spill out anywhere as it's lying flat. Could it cause any issues then starting the motor when you next use the bike?

I apologise in advance for such a n00b question! (runs to hide under the wheelarch of my SUV).
I've actually never owned a motorbike of any kind previously!
If I was transporting in a truck like I do, I load it up upright and use straps to secure it, One strap will do but I use two. As far as leaning on its side, you have to deal with the fuel in the tank, as previous mentioned, drain the fuel bowl by removing the bowl drain screw, or running dry. Never a issue transporting on it's side.

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