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Default Re: New guy, cruiser build bike questions

That's a nice looking cruiser bike!


We kinda have different things going on here in MABland.
We don't pedal much.
We clamp a kit engine assembly onto a frame.
We need good brakes because it's kinda like going downhill, all the time!

Continuing a bit further, pedals cranks and gears are not so important to us.

Steel frames are better because we are going to squeeze the tube with our mounting clamps.
Weight is less of a consideration because we now have power.

In the least, coaster brakes shall fade, in any extended braking action.

Inline rim brakes, (what shimano calls V-brakes), or center pull caliper brakes, are the least I would consider using, if I could not get disk brakes.
I feel having both front, and rear brakes, is very important.

A larger seat is more valuable on a motorized bicycle than on a pedal bike.
(We rarely stand and pedal.)

Front suspension is more important than on a pedal bike, because customary speed is faster, and subsequent impact with pavement irregularities is more treacherous.

A good exhaust muffler is beneficial !

My goal is cheap, reliable, personal transport, below the tax collector radar. Fun counts for a lot!
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