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Default New guy, cruiser build bike questions

Hi forum,

New to the site, but have some questions on building a motorized bicycle Cruiser for a 5mi (one way) work commute in town. This may be kinda long, so I apologize but I want to give as much background as possible.

Have been doing quite a bit of reading and have some questions on what bike I should look at for a build

First, I have ridden the box store specials before and the minute a friend let me ride his Felt cruiser, it was over. I immediately sold my cheap cruiser and purchased a 2010 Giant Simple Single for recreational riding.

Having ridden my Giant quite a bit, and having spent time on several Felts and a Schwinn Mark V I wanted to purchase another quality cruiser to project into a motorized bicycle cruiser for my summer ride.

2012 Giant Simple Single: Knowing the quality my 2010 has proven to have, plus the new 2012 frame design with smaller tubing looks like it will work much better with an engine conversion and has me thinking of going this route. The only problem here is the aluminum frame (Giants fancy term is ALUXX). Some say steel frame only and others seem to have converted aluminum frame bikes with no problem. What is your take?

New Schwinn Corvette or Mark V:
Kinda like this but the frame design has me wondering how to mount the tank. Like the cup holder though

The local bike shop has suggested the following bikes...
Torker Boardwalk: Looks like quality and I like the price but I have never heard of it until yesterday. Reviews seem to be good but completely unknown to me.

Raleigh Special and/or Retroglide: Have heard of these, but have never ridden one. The sales consultant suggested I come back and check them out tomorrow as they will be in the showroom then. Looking at the website I am not really digging the graphics, but thats a minor complaint.

This particular shop didn't carry Felt or Schwinn, but spoke highly of the Torker. Price is comfortable on all of them, the most expensive being the Mark V @ $400+ with the Simple and Corvette next @ $350 MSRP.

As for the engine kit I am looking seriously at the GT5 Skyhawk kit from From what I have read it seems to be a quality kit, but if someone has other suggestions I am all ears, err eyes... lol

Thanks for your time and input.
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