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Default Re: Monark II forks with disc

I never had a pair of 1's but the 2's are cool. They are definitely wiggly woggly, (if that's a technical term) when you apply the brakes. of course not everyone will install brakes but I would certainly recommend. and there are 2 different thicknesses of the dropout plates. they need brass bushings to act as races for the pivot bolts. pretty complex little setup going on. and seems to be a "per-bike" build for them. David at E.Z. will need your axle width specs, as well as brake options. in the end, its definitely better than a solid fork, as my gas tank no longer tries to fly off or throw its cap after hitting any sized bump at 30 mph. I am going to guess that the 1's were fairly spongy in comparison by the comments from fast-bike owners, and the springs are a lot larger now. before they break in, as I said earlier in a post, I didnt notice a difference from the stock straight fork. but now after a few miles I feel them working, and they are nice. today I did high speed corners through intersections with dips and so I was hitting the dip at 25mph in a turn and they were plush and didnt hop or slap. depending on your hub setup, you will probably need an axle washer on the side with the rotor, or the plate bolt-heads hit the rotor bolts. When you apply brake it gets interesting for sure. they unload and its a strange feeling, But they do corner well at high speed. And take the bumps well. just be prepared to do a lot of washer/spacer configuration experimentation. you'll love them

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