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Default Re: Beware The Rip-off!

I bought my kit from boy go fast and if I hadn't screwed up the install it would have been fine.

However I would look at the small items in the kit as well. That chrome clutch lever is pure crap in my opinion but lots of guys love them.

The twist throttle wasn't very good for me but I have a heavy hand and ruined it. Still it was a good engine. To me that seems to be the guts of the system. I didn't much like the flat sprocket but it's okay.

I did not go into the engine to verify it but he says it has bearing not the sleeves. I'm taking his word for it. All i can say is I like mine just fine, with the exception of the noted items. I bought it on ebay and I have no idea how it made it's way from china to me. Then again I bought it from the dealer so it had already made the scenic route I suppose.
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