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Default Re: Deciding on a 2 stroke kit

Five things I think it has done on my engines with four of them being absolute facts.

1. They match the port to the intake real nice, this makes the air fuel mixture flow easier into engine.

2. They give the air fuel mixture a straight shot into the intake port which increases ease of flow.

3. They allow the carb. to sit lower which can solve clearance issues on some bikes allowing use of either the stock or custom air filter.

4. They have less of a chance of causing you to have an air leak between carb. and intake because the billet intake are grooved out toward the end and have an O-ring seal.

5. Last but not least, I think because of the benefits I listed above that my engines are more responsive.

Now, this is NOT saying that the billet intake is a magic bullet, but coupled with a free flowing exhaust, and a well tuned carb. all of the thing I mentioned above can be realized IMO.

As you can see Ilike them for multiple reasons which are all benefits IMHO.

Peace, Map

Originally Posted by takeitez View Post
Hey map so the billet intake is good stuff? What kind of difference does it make?
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