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Default Re: Deciding on a 2 stroke kit

Personally I'm not sold on the boost bottle stuff for these engines, all I know is that the fastest bikes I've seen with these engines don't use them so I think the money is better spent on upgrades like a Billet intake, a better air filter or best of all the upper bearing I mentioned before that can be had for less than $10 there is proven benefit with these mods.

Cleaning up the ports and make sure all the gaskets are top notch, on a 2 smoker an air leak can cook an engine pretty quick, in the beginning these engines run so rich that a small leak may not affect them much but once the carb is rejetted to get them tuned up nice an air leak is a real bad thing.

Keep in mind that air leaks can happen easy on these little engines if special attention isn't paid to making sure you have good quality gasket, the stock intake gasket especially is junk on all the engines I've seen, not saying it can't work but I never use them, I make my own from good material always.

Best wishes on the up coming project.


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Cool thx. I'll do all of the free things i can to the engine then in a couple of months replace all of the cruical components and maybe get a boost bottle.
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