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Default Re: What kind of mountain bike for a bike engine?


For ease of installation I like a slightly large frame (size wise) made from with the standard size tubes.....Mountain bikes fitting this description are harder to find....seems like everything has gone to over sized tubing and/or rear suspensions that always have the shock in the place where the engine needs to mount to (assuming a center mount happy time type engine).

I have sold a few bikes locally to people and for cost / ease of availability reasons I have been using the silver Road Master mountain bike they sell at Wal Mart for about $60.....This is definitely not a high quality bike but it seems that most of the local buyers here stress low price over anything else....At least I hope until they get bitten by the mortorized bicycling bug!.

This frame is the exact opposite of easy installs (small tight fit requiring shaving of the air filter housing, denting the frame so the factory front engine studs straddle the down tube (not enough room to use the oversize tubing frame adaptor) etc....but it does
look nice and the bike is definitely priced low.

My personal bikes are Specialized Rock Hopper and a Trek 7000....Both mountain bikes.

Good Luck and have fun!

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