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Got the trailer. Was well packed. Came with instructions and even a flag, albeit a cheap one. It goes from the box to a tralier in about 5min with no tools, other than a wrench to mount the hitches to the bikes axle. Wont need that if your bike uses the included skewer mount. The only giltch is the flag mount appears to be on the wrong side of the trailer frame. Or the folding frame part needs to be turned around. Not a big deal either way. The bag is form fitted to the trailer, but I havent spent the time to figure out its straps. Also it folds closed with a strap over the top, does not zip shut. The rear wheel is alloy and has sealed ball bearings instead of bike type, it has staight laced spokes which seems strange, but maybe it wont be an issue. Thats about it.

So how does it work?. It latches on very easily. For my first load I used a 58lb trolling battery. The frame handled it fine, the floor mesh didnt deform with all the weight concentrated in one spot. The suspension is killer smooth even empty. My other trailer used to bounce down my drive, you dont know this one is back there. Now 58 lbs is as much as I want to pull(88lbs is rated weight) bike was a handfull with the battery fwd, was manageable center to rear. I put a 35lb battery at the mid point and it pulled great. no input to the bike, tracked true, rode smooth. I pulled it at speeds from 10 to 24mph. Is not squirrley at any speed and feels good at higher cruise speeds.

Conclusion it is a very useable pleasant tow under 40lbs. Be cautious over 50. The construction looks fairly durable. I dont have much to compare it to as this is the only mfg trailer I have seen. Floor seems strong, like the ball bearings in the wheel. It will dismantle completely in less then 5min once you have done it. Its a great little trailer for a single wheeler. I should be able to fit all my camping gear in it as well as a good load of groceries. The wheel is the most questionable part of it, and maybe it will hang in there fine, used sensibly its not loaded that much.
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