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Default Re: Powder Coat a China Girl

Originally Posted by Tulsa_Rider View Post
Thanks for the encouragement Porta

Is there a reason for this? My first thought was that maybe the barrel wouldn't make a suitable blast cabinet because it is not a very thick gauge, but I could not think of any other reasons.

I know paint is cheap and much easier, the only advantage is that it will be a closer match to the bike (which is my main quarrel with it right now). Its like I said; I like the idea of powder coating it and I have lots of things that don't need to be coated but will end up that way if I prove successful.

I was going to do it assembled with the intake manifold on and another secured to the exhaust, a bolt in the spark hole, old threaded rods in themounting holes, and any other opening masked with high temp tape. It seems like I covered everything, but you are right it could be a time consuming mistake to powder coat in those places. Thanks for you input, it is appreciated.
Blast cabinets create a lot of static cling which traps dirt and oil within the cabinet. When you place an uncured powdercoated part in the cabinet, the dirt and oil will be attracted to the part.

Also you do not want to coat the motor without taking it apart because it will make it nearly impossible to get apart later. Plus the oil will seep from the gaskets when you bake it which will ruin the job.

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