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Default Re: motorized bicycle setup

Here were I live. The cops always high five and want to look at the bike and know how it works. I've had one try and hit it with a radar gun, after he realized its me he laughed.

On the cities close to me however, the cops arent that understanding. And on one occasion I had one call my attention and told me to stop riding it and then asked me if I even had a motorcycle license. he hushed up when I pulled it out and said "As a matter of fact officer, I do"

After that little encounter I headed to the PD and asked the CO about their rules, she handed me the rule booklet for riding a bicycle....

Lucky enough, havent had any other problems. Ive seen people taking off the pedals to make that chopper look even better, But imo, the pedals is what I think has gotten me out of a couple trouble spots..
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