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Default Re: Deciding on a 2 stroke kit

the thing is, none of these vendors manufacture the engines....they are just drop shippers.
It's a crap shoot no matter who you buy from, but some vendors offer customer service and a warranty, while others don't. you will pay for the warranty and customer service by paying a higher price for the same engine kit that you can buy from (for example) e-bay. I have bought 4 engine kits off e-bay all from the same vendor over a 3 year period and every one of them were fine (and still are to this day).
if a warranty and customer service is something that you think you need, then spend the extra $$ and buy from one of the vendors who offers those things.

I have both the 66 cc. and the 48 c.c. engines right now.
I can tell you that the 66 will vibrate more than the 48, but the 66 has a little more bottom end torque. My 48 c.c. is actually faster on the top end than my 66 (and both bikes are set up the same, with the same gearing). the 48 seems to rev higher than the 66, but the 66 has more low end torque for better take off.
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