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Default Re: Powder Coat a China Girl

I just paint my engines. There isn't enough heat, even near the exhaust manifold, to hurt the paint. I don't use high temperature engine paint but have had good luck with Dupli-Color rattle can paint. I do clear coat with Top Flite model airplane clear to protect against gasoline spills.
Powder coating seems to me a waste of money. $6.50 will buy a can of Dupli-Color, another $5.00 for the clear. The powder coat job will cost a lot more than that and offer little advantage.
If you're set on the idea be warned that you'll need to protect any threads and gasket surfaces from getting powder coated. Whoever does the job for you needs to be aware of those areas or you'll have some work ahead of you rethreading and removing the coating from machined gasket surfaces.

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