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Default Re: to tear down or not

My first engine out of 6 was installed right out of the box. Never again. Although I may go beyond what others feel needs to be done, I want to know that everything is good to go, weather it be 1 mile to the store or a 20 mile round trip to any one of three adjacent towns. After the first engine was installed (cylinder studs not torqued down, blew a head gasket), I have never had trouble with the remaining 5. Here is what I now do to all my engines, pick what you like, discard the rest, but keep it handy.

Should you have starting problems, take a look at this:

The MOST important thing to remember...install the engine correctly..make sure the mounts are as flush with the tubes as you can. The optimum "V" angle is 75 degrees.

I've worked on all kinds of engines in the past 50 years, these are the simplest to work on bar none.
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