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Hello V,

Welcome aboard

We don't have very many females here, so you will get plenty of advice and attention, if you wish.

and opinions!

A very knowledgeable and helpful group here.

I see no reason why you could not build and operate an HT kitbike, especially with this resource for resolving situations as you encounter them.

My suggestion would be to purchase the least expensive kitbike available and an inexpensive used cruiser bike off CL.

Tools from HF will suffice for beginner work on bicycles and HT kits.

Keep your investment down, and you shall most likely be able to recover it when you wish.

Everything costs.
I would think you could learn valuable things for your investment in this.
AND have lots of fun!

I feel gas assisted bikes are superior to electric, presently, yet you shall find they are NOT trouble free. It will require continuous attention.
There will be a certain amount of frustration involved!
Guaranteed ! lol

Never-the-less, MABs are quite useful, great fun, and economical to operate.

Good luck
My goal is cheap, reliable, personal transport, below the tax collector radar. Fun counts for a lot!
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