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Default to tear down or not

I had asked in one thread how meany have torn down there motor right out of the box to check it out before installing it, also how meany have just installed it out of the box with just a good look over first, and if so what issues have they had in doing so.

I did not get a answer form that post, maybe this time, or is it just dumb to ask?

Seems to me taken out the spark plug and putting the piston top below the exhaust port and blowing air though the spark plug would blow out any junk in the cylinder, or at least let you see if any is there. Also a mirror could be used as well.

I haven't received my kit yet, but people keep saying to replace the studs and re tap the stud holes, If the studs are not all the way down, then there should be one or two up further then the rest I would think. I just hate to have to almost rebuild the engine when it is new, but caution is good too.
That why I am asking this.

I am not saying not to do a tear down, but a carefully look over might prevail as well.
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