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Default Re: Powder Coat a China Girl

Originally Posted by Tulsa_Rider View Post
I did consider that but I have no where to store the oven when it is not in use. My roommate does not want the oven sitting in the yard, the shed is already full of my garden stuff, and we converted the garage into a bar so I do not even have a workshop. All the work that I do is either outside on my porch or in the living room on a piece of cardboard.

My idea was to use a steel oil drum and one of those round counter top convection ovens most from the flea market or good will. Cut a hole in the top of the barrel just big enough for the heating unit. It will appease my roommate because I can stored more discreetly. Also I think that I can design it to serve as a triple as a cabinet for sandblasting and the powder coating.
Good luck with that.
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