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Default Re: Hello from Conroe, Tx.

Yea, go get dem channel cats down to the dam. Course I don't see you carting a 6 to 8 ft channel cat back on your New Motorized Bike. LoL... Err maybe over to Walden. I hear the chemists hired got the Hydrilla worked out of the cove over there, just as I moved back up here. Also heard that one fish they brought in and got ok'ed. An approved method against the Hydrilla. Then the fish turned around and decided not to be a vegitarian anymore. There in upsetting the Bass fisherman even more so. You sure do have a lot of room to roam down there. I keep saying I'll get back to Conroe again some day.

First bait shop, on your right, as you head out to Lake Conroe. You'll find the Bass Fisherman's contest trophies there photo'ed on the cork board. You'll find the largest Bass ever caught during the tournament to be held up by a small skinny blond haired kid. That's my cousin's step son. I think he was 13yrs old then. Anywho,, Best of luck with your build and welcome to the forum.

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