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Default Re: Swirl Paint Tank?

Fantastic Technique!

With a wooden frame set up, or a trash can, or 55 gallon drum. You can pick up industrial 55 gallon trash bags large enough for a bicycle frame, gas tank, what ever. That way you can do quick changes and toss the last trash bag used. Ace Hardware, Staples, Walmart, K-Mart, they all carry them. I get them at Ace for $21.39 counting tax for 60 bags. These bags are 57 inches in length. That means I can do this type paint job to my Stretch Cruiser Z2 Tank, if I choose to. As it's 56 inches in overall length. Course that would mean I'd have to make a wooden container to make that length. Or maybe weld up a couple 55 gallon drums and cut one short. That is say if I was to be doing that type paint job regularly.

Takes me little over a year to go through these bags for trash. Of course now after seeing this, I know I'll use them up faster. The use of the paint, isn't really going to be that much more. Like that of the You Tube video shows. It is the surface water being used. Though there is a larger surface area being used, the paint sits on top. Hence the effect. Course if looking to make this paint job last, 5 to 10 coats of clear on top of that. Now there is where your expense will build up, no doubt!
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