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Default Re: what the best 2 strock for the price?

Originally Posted by buttafinguz View Post
yeah, I saw some didn't look bad. $345 for the combo is cheap, but is that's a decent starter engine though. It's starting to look like hit or miss on the 2 srtoke engines or am I wrong?
Depending on how much shipping is, that's a great price. Although it's out of stock. (click on "view more information). To give you a idea, last year I built this bike.

The bike when built didn't have springer fork. Was put on after this picture.
My cost after delivery was inside $300.00 (for a friend)...then add about $50.00 or less for the springer. Keep in mind that I paid $150.00 for the engine, $100.00 for a cheap WalMart bike and added hardware about $65.00.
Extra hardware.
Custom front mount $20.00..
Clutch roller $17.00
Set of cylinder studs $10.00
Mounting/intake/exhaust studs $10.00
Boost bottle $15.00
Paint $2.00
Don't add up the figures, they won't jive as I supplied most free of charge.

I have no complaints out of the (5 of 6) 2 stroke engines I've bought. Really can't go wrong with the price, If you do some pre install mods to them.
Just my and some others opinion.
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HT pre instillation tips.
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