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Default Re: Powder Coat a China Girl

Its been a while since I checked this, but I decided to go have it done anyway. I didn't even see the replies until this morning.

I bought a motor a couple of weeks ago that came black, although it was gloss instead of matte like my frame. The paint job was horrible, it didn't even cover the entire motor, the paint was chipping all over the place and they got a good deal of run off in the intake and exhaust ports. I thought about just touching up the parts where they messed up but I don't like the way that it stands out against my frame.

Also I have a couple of other parts that I want to get done to match. So what I have decided to do is to powder coat it myself. I already have a soda blaster which I am going to use to get the old paint off, and the powder coat guns aren't terribly expensive. The oven is where I was stuck but I had an idea for a DIY Infrared oven that I have been sourcing parts for. I didn't realize the temps had to be so high. Most of the info that i read was somewhere between 350 and 400, this could pose problems. I do not think that my oven will produce those temps, I will see what I can come up with.

I know it seems like a lot of trouble for something that is GOING to be scratched and dinged anyway but I like to mess around and it seems to me that once I have the supplies on hand I have all kinds of little things laying around that don't need to be coated but sure will if I have the tools to do it myself.

I think that by the time I finish this bike I will not even want to ride it, instead hang it on the wall and stare at it or something. LOL

Thanks for you advise. If I ever get around to building the oven I will post an update.
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