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Default motorized bicycle setup

I am getting my kit next week, I have already received my head light stoplight and turn signals, best to be safe. I also bought a pull starter for the engine, so I don't have to bump start. Will be installing a windshield from an motorcycle I sold. I did get an electric starter for $16, but that will be a later project. it will start out as a single speed till I get used to it, then down the line a shift kit.
I have been seeing people on this site are taking there engines apart, how meany have done this and the ones that haven't what issues have they had.
I do believe that a good looking over is good, but is it a need to tear the engine down and even replace the bearings etc. Sounds more like someone is going to enter in a race, blueprinting and such!
In my state of Iowa the DOT will not register or title the bikes, they say too much trouble to do it. they also said they consider the bikes with aftermarket motors a device and don't need a licence.
they told me to go and ride it, But I have ask for a letter concerning that so I can put on my bike.
Also the police said they don't care if the DOT doesn't.
So I will have to see how it turns out, but that said, if it is not registered or titled, then no cc or speed limitations to worry about other than staying within the speed limit of city streets.
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