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Default Hello from TN

Hey there everyone, my name is Nick. I'm in college, recently totaled my car (Turbo Cavalier), and have no money. A motorized bicycle seem like a great option because i will be able to ride it to school/work and i wont have to have insurance and i dont plan on registering it either. Ive been doing tons of research and planning, but i have mixed feelings about actually starting a project.

1. I'm young and i love speed (more so acceleration than top end), so am i just going to be totally bored on one of these? I am also around 215# lol I've been researching performance mods and some of them look really cool but the gains i have been seeing are not really what i would have expected.

2. My budget is about $200 currently. Now hear me out, that is the budget for the most basic motorized bicycle i could build and ride to work. I dont currently own a bicycle but thats going to be the easy part since im sure i can find one pretty cheap. The conflict im having here is that one day i would like a bike capable of over 40mph, and i probably wont end up using a lot of the "kit" parts besides the motor. So should i just buy the cheapo kit now and upgrade all the parts, or should i make my own kit and hope i can get it together alright? I have mechanical skill and tools, I just dont know a whole lot about these little motors.

If you made it this far, Thanks for reading
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