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Default Re: Hello from Central Florida

Your clutch bearings may have dried out, or its set too tight. If you take the clutch cover off(cover that covers the chain sprocket that the clutch bar goes down into and pull the small bar thats sticking out of the shaft, behind that is a small bearing, quite a bit bigger than a mardi graw beads. It may be dry so ya may need to tilt your bike to the left so the shaft is facing downwards just have your hand over that opening in the shaft and the bearing should fall out. To loosen the clutch if it is set too tight, take the right side cover off and take the brass screw that is holding the flower nut in place off. Pull in the clutch if you can, and push against the silver plate with your fingers and at the same time turn the flower nut counter clockwise with your fingers to loosen. If that doesn't do it, the others on this forum can help ya more.
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