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Default Re: new from Idaho

There's a few pics of the bike - look in my album in my profile out here.

There's not really any serious mods. Just an aftermarket exhaust, 36T sprocket on a disc rotor mount w/rigged top hat adapter, solid one piece tires, custom clutch pucks, hitemp base gasket w/rtv, replaced tickler/primer with homemade boost bottle (yes it makes a difference, but only to extend the life of a dying carb IMHO).

The carb is cracked from overtightening it to the intake, it's right there at the barrel. So now my throttle sticks if it's too tight, and if it's too loose it falls off! LOL. After running Opti2 it actually lubed and penetrated the metal around the intake, so that's why it got overtightened. In the future, I'll be using black RTV, especially when burning an Opti mix in that engine. I don't use no2, it's a 48cc, no jackshaft. But when the carb isn't being a *^%^ ^&(*^%& ^%#$#^ *&%*^%$, it will top out just over 35, which isn't too shabby.
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