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Default Re: It's never ran sour when the choke wasn't on

Originally Posted by wayne z View Post
LOL, I rode my '82 Shovelhead to the local pub the other afternoon for a beer.
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Got ready to leave and it wouldn't start.
I thought the battery was weak and the electric start wasn't working. No prob, it's got a kickatarter too.

Well, I kicked it about 50 times (10 and a break lol) and never a pop. couldn't tell if it was flooded or lean or not enough juice after a while.

Got a ride home and came back with a tractor batt and jumpers. Guess what, elect start or kick still didn't work.
After a while I finaly figured out that the handlebar kill switch that I never usw was in the "off" positon. Flicked it on, and it started immediatly, without the jumper battery!

So, I left my truck and drove the Harley home about 7 miles.
I rode mt 2 speed FD/Preddy99cc build back and put it in the truck and went home.
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Mebbe if I didn't have that beer I would have noticed the switch LOL.
If I am following what happened correctly, you cranked the electric start until the battery started loosing it's power.?

If so, something is wired goofy with your run/ stop/ start switch assembly then.
When the switch is in the off position there should be no power to the start button. I noticed that you seem to have 1996 and later hand controls. The wiring color code for that switch assembly should be as follows:
Grey to ign. circuit breaker +
White to ignition coil +
Black to starter relay.
If you wire up the grey and white backwards it allows the start button to work even though the run/ stop switch is in the off position.
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