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Default Re: For Folks new to bikes with motors

Hi RDWing. I have used U Bolts and home drilled plates. My pref, but I have a drill press. I have also "thinned" the down tube with a mallet, but that's not a great alternative although fun. There are folks with adapters made up. With being in school, I would go to the dept with a machine shop even if it is the campus motorpool. Show them the mount and what you want to do, You will be shocked at how folks love to help with odd things such as these. And you your self give it some thought. You will come up with some thing cool. Last one I did, I pressed in a $20 vice with wood to make a mount. Is on a bike now. A wile back some one drilled a frame and it became the norm. You can do better!
They may be kits, but you are still the inovator. Build some thing cool!
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