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Default Interesting engine/motor choices.

I know there are a couple of engines and motors used in the motorized bicycle world a lot but yesterday was a nice day and I saw something I don't see to often a motorized bicycle on the street. I stopped him and asked him what the heck he had for a engine and he said he took two go-ped engines and put them in a series one in front of the other and hook the engines shafts together by a chain then ran a clutch off the rear engine's shaft. So in short he had a twin engine MB!

It was very interesting and cool and also strange at the same time because I thought of a similar idea a long while back though using chainsaw engines.(never ended up being made or used)

I was wondering if anyone has seen some other interesting engine or motor choices?

btw: You don't half to believe me, I really don't care if you do though I am not making it up. This post was too see what other interesting ideas people had come up with on motorized bikes.

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