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Default Re: Debating on which China girl to get

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
with that in mind I should prolly mention most/all of the black engines suffer from a horrid paint job as they all seem to be hurriedly repainted silver ones, you might wish to get a silver one and paint it yourself *shrug*
That's what I do, and if you have looked at my gallery I do a LOT of black motors.
Black PlastiKote high temp engine paint works dandy with 4 or 5 coats.
DO NOT use that Ace hardware high temp BBQ paint, the stuff is worse than a bad joke.

Remove the left cover plate, silver clutch standoff in the middle, the head, and intake manifold.
Take some new steel wool and give the whole motor a light rub to clean it up so the paint sticks.

Stuff some cotton balls or tissue in the intake and exhaust ports as well as the clutch cable stanfoff hole in the middle and coat the port and head studs and gasket seats with some grease.

To cover the cylinder hole I just put some making tape over the hole in a head gasket and place it on. Use it for painting the cylinder and the bottom of the head.

Anything you don't want painted on just rub a little grease on first.
When it's all painted and dry the paint on the grease just rubs right off ;-}
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