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Default Re: Harbor Freight Mig welder

2 door is correct the gas welders are the better choice and will give you a better cleaner weld. i have a bit more experience doing car exhaust systems with a heavy duty argon gas lincoln welder. The difference is very noticeable in the way the welds look. But for in home use i think the lincoln gas less that i have is pretty good. If i keep the area that i am welding really clean i can get a pretty good looking weld with the correct settings. You just have to practice, gas less is not as forgiving when it comes to how well it sticks and how pretty it looks. But it can certainly get your project finished. While i cant comment on using a cheap welder because i have only experience with Lincoln and Hobart (hobart 1 or 2 times) welders, but typically you tend to get what you pay for, unless its a really high end used model lol. topic stuff below...
I am considering the purchase of an arc welder. I have not used one before but i am thinking it might give me better control or am i wrong. i wonder if i can return it to home depot if i don't like it.

anyone ever use a mig welder to do aluminum i noticed they have aluminum wire feed available.
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