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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Rusty them peppers are gonna be smokin hot! I made many a grown man cry with those darn things. I have to admit I looked for victims sometimes. I would wait for somebody really ornery to nonchalantly give it to. I built up quite a tolerance for them over the years. lol. Trick is I can eat one or two and make it look like its a totally casual thing. Then hand a stranger one and look out!

Ok verdict is up on the spoons and my new tire adapted Large Marge rim approach. This should be good lol but will mebbe make sense?

First off I took my friends his set of spoons over last night and had to work on my truck. We dropped one of the spoons accidentally from the work bench and it did bend slightly. Was a bit bummed there, yet it did not hurt it at all. Still these spoons have a thin , way wider profile that proved to me so far to be very forgiving and make the job a breeze!

Tonight at home I just did my problem child. What I learned was a little more finesse. I had a few nights sleep since the front tire blow out and just now got my Maxis Hookworms in. I went to mock up the tire and put it on granted this is a different brand make of tire. So bear with me..

The first bead slipped right on but I thought for a second and pulled the tire off to make good and well there were no burs on the rim.. When I went to put the tire back on the first bead fought me a little. Thought that was strange. No there is absolutely no hop in this wheel.

So I lubed it up and prepared to talk dirty to it lol. The second bead fought me a tiny bit fiercely , yet not like the previous tire... So i said to myself there is no hurry here.. I began to do something different.

I would get it to where it was binding up and just could not do that final flip. . Then simply popped the second bead partially off and traveled to a different spot on the rim systematically. I did this 4 or 5 times and walla it squirmed to a magic spot to where it finally relaxed and flipped over the final spot of the rim peacefully! This might help somebody else dunno?

Normally on a skinny rim I can practically man handle it with just my bear hands. The large Marge rim is really hella wide! Substantially and evidently to me this is my newer approach. Also trying to keep the tire scrunched together to mimic a skinny wheel I still thinks helps. I have to confess tho the last few times moving to a new final flip spot I stopped checking that as the tire seamed to be staying scrunched together mimicking a skinny wheel with out any fight..

Oh yeah the 8 inch long forged steel spoons are still totally worth it it in my book!

I checked over that thick brick cruiser tire and the bead was still on the rim. The tire side wall itself ripped clean off a section of the bead.

My Hook Worms are rated for 15 more psi than that cruiser blow out. It was rated for 40 psi the H.W 65 psi. Last the H.W has better grip and a wire bead. Mebbe I had a fluke of a bad tire? A bad batch? Dunno? I feel extremely lucky!!!!
Still gotta have a since of humor.

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